Skin rejuvenation through multi-level radiofrequency microneedling

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The Beauty of it

  • Increases collagen production, improving the health and quality of your skin
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive solution to lift and tighten loose skin
  • Fast and long-lasting results to fade scars and stretch marks
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For the most powerful, minimally invasive, non-surgical anti-aging solution, we recommend Morpheus8 Radiofrequency Microneedling. This treatment uses gentle, gold-coated microscopic needles to puncture your skin, penetrating the subdermal tissue to create micro-wounds which then receive high energy radiofrequency waves. To aid in the healing process, and invigorated by the radiofrequency energy, your skin dramatically increases its collagen and elastin production—resulting in skin that appears smoother, stronger, and rejuvenated.

Where can it be used?

  1. FaceMorpheus8 Radiofrequency Microneedling can be used on the face to address discoloration, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, surgical scars, skin laxity, excess skin, jowls, neck lines, and excess neck fat.
    When used on the face, the microscopic damage created by the Morpheus8 Radiofrequency Microneedling—followed by high energy radiofrequency waves, for fast and powerful healing—rebuilds the skin’s underlying support system, tightening skin and attacking everything from enlarged pores to rosacea, acne scarring, and wrinkles
  2. BodyMorpheus8 Radiofrequency Microneedling can also be used on the body to address wrinkles, large pores, acne, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, and excess sweating (hyperhidrosis).
    When used for full body subdermal remodeling, Morpheus8 Radiofrequency Microneedling damages—and then repairs—the skin’s underlying support system, effectively overhauling areas troubled by cellulite, stretch marks, acne scarring, and signs of aging.


Skin TighteningStandard
3 Pack
Standard Price
3 Pack
Member Price
Face and Neck$1,750$1,575$4,500$4,050
Face or Neck$1,500$1,350$4,000$3,600
Around Eyes or Mouth$700$630$1,800$1,620
Upper Arms$1,750$1,575$4,500$4,050
Lower/Upper Abdomen$1,200$1,080$2,750$2,475
Inner or Outer Thighs$1,850$1,665$4,900$4,410
Skin RejuvenationStandard
3 Pack
Standard Price
3 Pack
Member Price
Acne Scars$1,500$1,350$4,000$3,600
Active Acne$1,500$1,350$4,000$3,600
Scars (Index Card Size)$700$630$1,800$1,620
Back Acne$1,850$1,665$4,900$4,410
Stretchmarks, One Area (Piece of Paper Size)$1,750$1,575$4,500$4,050

Is it Right for Me?

As you age, gravity takes its toll, and your skin tends to lose its bounce or elasticity. Morpheus8 works to reverse that by increasing collagen to pull your skin closer. We recommend Morpheus8 for targeted skin tightening or improving your skin’s collagen production and elasticity. You can also choose Morpheus8 for targeted fat removal in certain areas of the body.


Yes. Traditional microneedling devices have long been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use, and Morpheus8 is FDA-approved as a technology providing subdermal adipose tissue remodeling.

We recommend a series of three initial treatments over a three-month period. After initial treatment has been completed, once-yearly treatments will maintain desired results.

While there is no required recovery time, you may experience redness and swelling, which should subside within one or two days.

Discomfort depends on the areas treated and the strength of the therapy. We will apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area to ensure your procedure is free from pain. Additionally, injections and other medications (pain relievers, nitrous oxide) can be used to decrease discomfort. You will likely feel a slightly uncomfortable pinching sensation, and a light sunburn feeling for an hour or two afterward. You may experience faint bruising and/or redness for two or three days, but there is no downtime required.

Before your Morpheus8 treatment, let us know if you take any blood-thinning medications to ensure a safe and successful procedure. We also ask that you abstain from drinking alcohol for a few days before your treatment.

Be sure to arrive an hour before your treatment, which provides us time to administer a topical numbing cream, optimizing your comfort. Nitrous gas (also known as laughing gas) is also available if you desire.

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